Transmissions, V Belts & Pulleys

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V Belts & Pulleys

V-belts and wedge belts are designed to link two or more rotating shafts. They offer high efficiency, high misalignment tolerance, economical and virtually maintenance free, therefore, can be used to drive and control moving component parts in automotive, industrial and agricultural applications.

Micro V-Belts & Pulleys

Poly V-belts, also known as 'ribbed' belts or 'micro V belts are endless single belts that have V-shaped ribs that interconnect with the grooves on a corresponding belt pulley.
This drive belt design offers low noise output at very high speeds, giving smooth running and large transmission ratios, combining the high flexibility and light weight of flat belts, with the grip and performance of V-belts.

Couplings (flexible and rigid)

Couplings are an essential part of the transmission of power process, where two rotating shafts can be joined together at their ends, whilst allowing for misalignment and/or movement.
We offer a full range of both flexible and rigid couplings. HRC spider element, F-tyre and L-jaw couplings are flexible and RM rigid couplings are rigid and are used to connect two shafts together for the purpose of transmitting power. They are used in a variety of industrial drive applications.

Timing Belts & Pulleys

Timing belt and pulley drives (synchronous) are non-slip mechanical drives, used to drive and control moving component parts in automotive, industrial and agricultural applications.
They are available in both metric and imperial pitch sizes and solve every requirement for high power precision transmissions.

Variable Speed Belts

Variable speed belts are an inexpensive solution which maximises application efficiency and productivity. They are used in applications that require changes to the output speed.
The revolutions per minute of the driven shaft may be increased or decreased when there are changes in application requirements, load conditions or other circumstances and variable speed belts allow this.

Nut Belting/v-link Belting

V-link belting has low vibration and noise output, the link structure can dampen vibration caused by unbalanced pulleys or bearings. They are more durable than standard V-belts and are easier to install and remove, especially when used on heavy industrial plant and equipment.

Roller Chains & Sprockets

Roller chain is the most common form of power transmission, consisting of short cylindrical rollers joined together by side links. It interlinks with the sprocket teeth and rotation between the two creates reliable and efficient power transmission.
Roller chain and sprockets are used on a wide range of applications from bicycles to industrial and agricultural machinery.
Roller chain and sprockets provide high power, synchronous drive systems and are manufactured from high quality materials and finished to tight dimensional tolerances.
British & American standard, 1/4" to 2" pitch is available from stock and in a wide range of materials and finishes such as steel, stainless steel and nickel plated. Such components will permit the functioning of precision a gear system.
Sprockets are available with either a pilot or taper bore, the latter designed for use with pre-machined taper bushes that are finished with the required bore and keyway size.
We also stock sawmill chain, conveyor chain, forklift chain, combine chain.

Hubs (Weld-on and Bolt-on)

Both designs of hubs are permanent and secure mounting systems which can be used in many applications. Weld-on hubs and bolt-on hubs are used in conjunction with taper bushes, to create a location point for a drive shaft, in plate wheels, gears and other rotational components.

Taper Bushes and Locking Devices

Taper bushes form the most convenient and cost effective method of fixing components to a mating shaft, without the need for any machining process.
Designed for use with V and wedge belt pulleys, poly V-belt pulleys, timing belt pulleys, roller chain sprockets, flexible and rigid couplings, weld-on and bolt-on hubs and adaptors, they form a vital link between shaft and component.

Tensioners & Idlers

Power transmission drives, namely V-belts, timing belts and roller chains will elongate significantly over time if not properly maintained. Incorrect belt or chain tension will lead to increased downtime, lower equipment productivity and inflated maintenance costs, we offers a wide selection of tensioners and idlers to eliminate these problems.

Motor Bases

Motor slide bases are a cost effective method of mounting electric motors, that may require adjustment to centre distances or where drive belt re-tensioning may be required.

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