Oil Seals & O’rings

Shaft Seals can also be known as oil seals and have two main functions. Firstly, it acts to keep the bearing lubricated and secondly, to ensure that it keeps out dirt and grit, along with any other liquids or solutions. These ensure the longer lasting life for the bearing.
We has a vast range of Rotary Shaft Seal & o’rings products available.


Circlips are available as both an internal and external fastening clip. A standard material for circlips is carbon spring steel. Stainless Steel and Steel are also available. Plating such as phosphate and oil is available as a finish to give added corrosive protection where required. A zinc plated finish is available for extra corrosive resistance.


We stock a wide selection of nuts & bolts, threaded bar etc…

Adhesives & Greases

We stock a wide selection of Bondloc adhesives, shell grease, v-belt lube, chain lube, wd-40, food lubricants etc…

Steel Balls

Steel balls are widely used in precision ball bearings and many other industrial applications. Chrome steel balls have exceptional surface quality, high hardness, and high load bearing capacity, as a result of thorough hardening. Chrome steel balls also offer long life and deformation resistance.